Hey there, I’m Emily!

Most days you can find me at my computer with my Shih Tzu, Nala, on my lap and The Office playing in the background or with a few friends over, just hanging out. I love being surrounded by people, but I also love to be home, which is the perfect combination for me to just invite everyone to my house all the time. You're invited too! Seriously, just come over. There's probably already someone else here anyway. 

The things I am most passionate about in life are wedding cake and chai lattes. Like me, you probably watch Netflix on the couch, you go grocery shopping, you make dinner, you dance in the kitchen; it doesn't matter what you're doing, you just like doing it together. Almost everyone feels like their life and their story is pretty normal. After all, you're not skydiving or climbing a fourteener on a daily basis. As Ben Rector would say, "life is not the mountain tops, it's the walking in between. And I like you walking next to me." Those every day moments are your adventure! Let's tell THAT story! 

I grew up in Nebraska and I fall in love with open spaces and dirt roads over and over again. I've been married to my husband Derek since May of 2015 and we have two of the cutest fur babies. I love snuggling on the couch, and long car rides. My heart belongs to my Savior Jesus Christ and all the glory goes to Him, which is why you can find Romans 11:36 at the end of every blog post.

After graduating with my Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree, emphasis in photography, I jumped head first into being a full time wedding photographer, and I've never looked back! I’ve shot over 95 weddings in the course of 4 years and I’ve been published in Rocky Mountain Bride Magazine, both in print and online. My work has also been featured in Wyoming Weddings Magazine, Borrowed & Blue, and Modern Weddings. I also was awarded Best of Greeley Photographers, 2018. 

I love serving the world by treating each and every couple like their wedding day is the most important thing. Your wedding day is one of the best days ever, and I like to think that your wedding day is one of my best days too!

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