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How to choose your wedding photographer

8 tips on how to choose the right wedding photographer

As you plan your wedding, you’ll have to make a lot of decisions. Your biggest decisions are choosing your vendors. When it comes to choosing your wedding photographer, these tips can help you through that process! You’ll want the right person alongside you on your wedding day! Check out these 8 tips for how to choose your wedding photographer!

1. Personality 

Of all your wedding vendors, your photographer is going to be with you the most on your wedding day. You want to make sure you like their personality and that you jive well with them. Click around on their website, check out their about page, and follow them on social media. That should give you a pretty good idea of the type of person they are! If you feel like you could be friends with this person, they’re probably going to be a good fit! 

2. Editing Style

There’s so many photographers with lots of different editing styles. Dark and moody, light and airy, true to color, and the list goes on! You should like the way their photos look! Requesting a photographer to edit in a different way than they normally do isn’t a great idea. Even if they agree to it, your photos won’t be as refined as if you’d chosen someone with that style to begin with. Afterall, you want to LOVE your wedding photos and you’ll be looking at them for many years to come! 

3. Shooting Style 

Do their photos convey a more candid approach? Photojournalistic? More posed? A mix? What exactly is it that you’re wanting? Do you want your photos to feel more romantic, fun, or posed? Choose a photographer whose images show that off! What you see in their portfolio is what you can expect from your session. If you’re wanting a lot of fun photos that show off joy and emotion, look for that. If you’re more serious and want something to show your romance, seek that out! 

how to choose your wedding photographer

4. Have they shot at your venue or a similar venue? 

Most photographers have shot in all kinds of situations, so even if they haven’t shot at your venue, they’ve probably shat at a similar one. Let them know the name of their venue and ask to see a similar wedding! If you’re particularly worried about the lighting or setup of any particular part of your day, ask for samples shot in a similar situation. Most photographers are more than happy to provide examples! 

5. Ask to see a full gallery

Alongside the previous point, you can ask to see a full gallery of a wedding they’ve shot. Not just the images of a wedding curated on their blog, but a full wedding as delivered to a client. This will help to give you a idea of the final product you’ll be receiving. If you can see a full gallery of a wedding shot in the same or similar venue, that’s a two for one! 

6. Ask if they’ve taken the steps to be “official”

This is particularly important if your venue requires other vendors to carry a liability policy. Check with your venue, but regardless, any reputable photographer should have insurance, pay taxes, and have any necessary licenses for your area. 

7. What else is important to you? 

Think about what else is important to you. Do you want to order prints from your photographer? An album? Want an engagement session? Make sure the person you hire provides what you’re wanting. Not all photographers provide the same products or services. 

8. Someone you can trust

Ultimately, your photographer will be your best friend on your wedding day. They’ll be there to help you, make sure you look fantastic, and be emotional support when you need it. As you plan, they’ll be your sounding board, guiding you through setting up a timeline, and making sure your portraits go off without a hitch!  Make sure you really trust this person to take care of you! The memories they provide you with will be something that will be passed on to generations. Having a good experience is really important! 

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How to choose your wedding photographer | Emily Kowalski Photography

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