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First look on your wedding day. Should you do a first look? Wondering whether or not a first look is for you? Ultimately, I tell all my couples it’s totally up to them what they choose. If they’ve been dreaming about that moment walking down the aisle forever, then that’s totally fine! I felt that […]

Things your wedding photographer wants you to know You’re engaged. You’re planning your perfect day. You want to make sure you know everything there is to know about weddings. After being a full time wedding photographer for 6 years and having shot as many weddings as I have, I’ve learned quite a bit of useful […]

8 tips on how to choose the right wedding photographer As you plan your wedding, you’ll have to make a lot of decisions. Your biggest decisions are choosing your vendors. When it comes to choosing your wedding photographer, these tips can help you through that process! You’ll want the right person alongside you on your […]

Do I really need an engagement session?

Do I need an engagement session? >> The short answer to this questions is no. You probably don’t NEED an engagement session, just like you don’t really NEED a lot of the things couples “need” to get married. But. It’s something you absolutely might want for a variety of reasons! Maybe you’re nervous in front […]

Timelines – this is my secret sauce. This is information I usually only give out to couples AFTER they book me. Ultimately it’s a huge piece of the value I offer my clients. While I’m not giving you my exact sample timeline I send out and I’m not offering you a timeline personalized specifically to your day, I am going to give you my recommendations! Read on to see how to plan the perfect wedding day timeline and maximize your time with your photographer!

planning the perfect wedding day timeline