Engagement Photo Outfits | What to wear for your engagement session

Engagement Photo Outfits

Engagement Photo Outfits

I tend to get a lot of questions surrounding engagement photo outfits. I absolutely understand how hard it can be to coordinate what to wear! Here’s a little guide to help you in planning what to wear for engagement photos!

Wear what’s comfortable

My biggest piece of advice is to wear something that makes you feel comfortable and confident. You want to look like yourself. If you don’t normally wear fancy dresses, don’t feel like you have to for your session! If you’re more comfortable in jeans, definitely wear jeans! Of course, if you want to wear a long flow dress and that’s not normally your style, then go ahead and wear it! Rock the heck out of that dress! Really, just do whatever is going to make you feel the most like yourself. If you’re comfortable, it will show through in your photos!

Consider the season

Having a session in fall? You might consider warmer colors, flannels, vests, and boots! You’ll want to look cozy! Doing your photos in winter? Wear a hat and gloves, and cute coat, and play in the snow! Wear what matches the season.

engagement photo outfits


Are you having your makeup professionally done for your wedding? You might consider having your trial the day of your engagement photos! That way, you’ll be able to see how you makeup will look when photographed!

How many outfits?

I generally recommend my clients plan for two, maximum of three outfits. I usually tell them to wear one more casual and the other a little more dressed up. That’s open to interpretation based on what those styles look like for you, but that’s good! You want to look like yourself! Logistics wise, you might have to change in your car. Think about if you’ll be able to do that in what you have planned!

Patterns and logos

Solid colors are always safe, but prints can be super pretty and fun too! If one of you is wearing a print, the other should be in solids. Try to choose a color from the print to have the other in solid. I generally don’t recommend you wear anything with a large logo or graphic tees. They tend to take away from your photos!

engagement photo outfits

Backup plans

It’s a safe bet to bring along an extra pair of shoes that are easy to get on and off in case its muddy. You might want to walk around in your extra pair, then put on your nice pair just for photos! Ask your photographer about the location you’re going and if this is necessary. If you have long hair and you’re wearing it down, you might consider bringing a hair tie or clips to put all or part of it back. Sometimes when it gets super windy, you just get tired of dealing with it and you need a different solution! It never hurts to have it just in case!

Still not sure what to wear for your engagement photo outfits? Ask your photographer what they think! They’ll be able to guide you in the right direction!

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