Stone Mountain Lodge Wedding

bride and groom on stone mountain at stone mountain lodge near lyons colorado

Photographing Andrea and Peter’s Stone Mountain Lodge wedding.

I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited to share a blog post! At the beginning of May, I had the absolute honor of photographing Andrea and Peter’s wedding at the breathtaking Stone Mountain Lodge in Lyons, Colorado. This wedding was so special to me not only because Andrea is a close friend, but also because I had a part in introducing them. And seriously this was the HAPPIEST wedding day I’ve ever experienced. I know weddings are generally happy occasions, but this one took the cake!

A Love Story in the Making

The story of Andrea and Peter’s relationship is one that I’ve been privileged to witness from the start. A few years ago, at Peter’s sister’s wedding, I played a small but pivotal role in their love story by giving Peter Andrea’s phone number. I don’t know why I felt compelled to do that, looking back it HAD to be the Holy Spirit because there’s truly no other explanation. Seeing their relationship blossom from that moment to their beautiful wedding day was truly incredible. I couldn’t have stood by while anyone else photographed their wedding!

The Venue: Stone Mountain Lodge

Stone Mountain Lodge provided the perfect backdrop for this joyous occasion. Nestled in the stunning Colorado landscape, the lodge offered a serene and picturesque setting that made every photograph a work of art. The vintage little cabins, Stone Mountain in the background, and the pond made is such a great choice for their day.

Shades of Purple

Can we just talk about all this purple for a second? If you know Andrea, you know purple. As long as I’ve known Andrea, she’s always said she wanted lilacs at her wedding. Andrea and Peter intentionally chose their wedding date for when the lilacs are in bloom and it was PERFECT! The purple hues popped beautifully against the greenery, creating a visually stunning contrast that was a dream to capture on camera.

Andrea and her Chacos

In a little twist on traditional wedding attire, Andrea wore Chacos (because if you know Andrea, you know Chacos) with her wedding dress. This choice perfectly reflected her adventurous spirit and love for the outdoors. The combination of her flowing white gown and the practical, comfortable Chacos was a fun and memorable detail that made the day uniquely hers. Not to mention the fact that she has her new last name stitched on the back!

The Ceremony

The outdoor ceremony was personal and heartfelt. Full of so much joy, their friends and families laughed and cried throughout. I can usually hold it together during a ceremony, but not this one! Tears were flowing! Every glance, every smile, every tear was filled with genuine emotion, making it easy to capture so much joy!

The Reception

Following the ceremony, the celebration moved to a spacious tent set up on the lodge grounds. The tent was adorned with twinkling lights and purple accents, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. The reception was filled with laughter, heartfelt toasts, and lively dancing. Everyone LOVED the donkey, the peaceful pond, and the food and drink!

Capturing Memories

Photographing Andrea and Peter’s wedding was a truly special experience. Not only did I get to document their beautiful day, but I also got to celebrate the love of two incredible people who I’m so honored to have been a little part of their story. From the picturesque setting to the personal touches, every moment was a testament to their love and the life they are building together.
Congratulations, Andrea and Peter! Here’s to a lifetime of love, adventure, and many more beautiful moments.

If you’re looking for a stunning venue for your wedding or special event, I highly recommend Stone Mountain Lodge. And if you’re in need of a photographer who’s passionate about capturing the essence of your special day, I’d love to be a part of your journey.

Venue : Stone Mountain Lodge 

Dress :  Madison James from The Bridal Collection 

Rings : Manly Bands, The Blue Nile

Hair Artist : Carissa with The Stardust Stylist

Make-Up artist – Jessie with Alegria Beauty Co 

Caterer : Smoke Shack BBQ 

Bridesmaids dresses : Azazi 

Tux: Bonobo’s 

DJ/Band : DJ West 

Videographer : Seven Roses Film-

Permanent Jewelry : Jael Joyeux Permanent Jewelry 

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