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Things your wedding photographer wants you to know

Things your wedding photographer wants you to know

You’re engaged. You’re planning your perfect day. You want to make sure you know everything there is to know about weddings. After being a full time wedding photographer for 6 years and having shot as many weddings as I have, I’ve learned quite a bit of useful information! But a lot of this is stuff no one really talks about or tells brides before the wedding day. Not that any of this is a big hidden secret, it’s just stuff no one mentions. Check out my list of things your wedding photographer wants you to know to gain all the insight!

Your dress will get dirty 

And this is the one day, the only day, you’re going to wear your wedding dress. So wear the crap out of that dress! You’ll get much better photos if you’re not afraid of getting it dirty! I’m not saying we’re going to rub it in the mud, but getting the bottom a little wet or getting grass stuck in it won’t hurt anything! 

things your wedding photographer wants you to know

Bring a different pair of shoes for portraits 

This rings true especially if your actual wedding shoes are white and will dirty easily or if you have thin, high heels and we’re shooting outside. If you need height, consider bringing along a pair of wedges for portraits. They’ll be hidden under your dress the majority of the time and we can grab a few photos with your actual shoes later! 

Something will go wrong (plan for it!) 

Always plan a little extra time in your day. I ask my couples to schedule 45 minutes of down time before the ceremony. Not only does this give the couple time to hide away before guests arrive, but it’s also a nice cushion. That way if something goes wrong, you won’t be late to your own wedding!  

More time doesn’t always mean more photos 

If there’s nothing going on, there’s nothing for us to photograph. Think about how your day will go before you book your photographer. If you’re not sure how long you might want your photographer, check out this blog post! 

things your wedding photographer wants you to know

We’re not going to give you ALL the images 

And you don’t really want them all either. For a typical 9 hour wedding day, I generally shoot around 2,000 images. I’ll end up giving you probably around 900 of those. The other 1100? Most likely exact duplicates, your eyes are closed, or it’s just not a flattering image. We promise, we’re not holding back anything good from you! 

We’re not going to be taking photos every second of your day 

Sometimes we need to sit down. We want to eat dinner or we need to use the restroom. We probably already have 35 photos of Aunt Margaret doing the sprinkler on the dance floor, so we’re going to take a minute to rest! Don’t worry! We’ll be sure to get your everything you need!

Your photos might not always be the most important thing

Ultimately, we’re there to serve you and be your best friend. If there’s something else happening that needs our attention, we’re going to do that. Maybe you desperately need a tissue, or a bottle of water. Maybe the groom’s boutonniere is falling apart or your hair came undone. There might be moments where we put down our camera and attend to something else. We want your day to be perfect, even if that means we’re not always just the photographer. 

We can’t just make candid moments happen 

If you’re naturally not really emotional or expressive, you’re probably not going to get photos of a tear resting on your cheek or belly laughs with your bridesmaids. Sure, we can make you giggle and have a good time, but we can’t just create something that isn’t there. 

You don’t HAVE to do anything you don’t want to do 

Want to get ready with your groom? Do that! Don’t want to do a bouquet or garter toss? Then don’t! If there’s a tradition you don’t don’t like or if there’s something special you want to do instead, do what you want! It’s your wedding day and should be all about you! 

During your first dance, try to talk about happy things, (or don’t talk at all!) 

Maybe someone said something earlier that rubbed you the wrong way or something didn’t go how you imagined it. I know this might be the first time you’ve had a minute to talk to your spouse, but try to look happy! Your emotions will show on your face and in your photos! Be conscious of that! 

Trust me 

I don’t need an entire shot list of every photo you want from every part of your day. Your photographer will probably ask for a list of family photos, but aside from that, we want you to trust us! You hired the perfect photographer for a reason. If you love their photos, then trust their process! 

But also be sure to ask if something specific you want – we want your ideas too! 

If you’ve been dreaming of a specific photo or you have an idea, definitely let your photographer know! We want to get what you want too! While a huge shot list stifles our creativity, a couple of requests doesn’t hurt anything!

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Things your wedding photographer wants you to know | Emily Kowalski Photography

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