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First Look On Your Wedding Day

First look on your wedding day. Should you do a first look?

Wondering whether or not a first look is for you? Ultimately, I tell all my couples it’s totally up to them what they choose. If they’ve been dreaming about that moment walking down the aisle forever, then that’s totally fine! I felt that way too and didn’t do a first look at my own wedding. But if you’re on the fence and you’re not really sure, read on to see if a first like might be for you! 

Experience your emotions in private

If you’re nervous about crying in front of people or if you want to truly enjoy the moment, a first look might be a good option! With a first look, you’ll be mostly alone the first time you see each other. You don’t have to worry about being an “ugly crier” or messing up your makeup. You can fully be yourself! Here’s the honest truth about it. Your groom is going to have the same reaction when you walk down the aisle whether he’s seen you already or not. If he’s not an emotional person to begin with, he’s not all of the sudden going to cry because he’s seeing you for the first time right then. That moment is heightened enough already. If he was going to get emotional, he still will. If he wasn’t, he won’t. Having a first look does not change how emotional walking down the aisle can be. 

More time together on your wedding day

When you choose a first look, you get to see each other early on in your wedding day. That means you get to spend the majority of your day together. Not only that, but with a first look, you get to spend your first 45-60 minutes together without a bunch of people around. It gives you a chance to talk, hang out, and just BE together. Couples who don’t choose a first look don’t get to be alone until almost an hour after their ceremony ends. That’s a long time to go without being able to really talk to your best friend! 

Your day feels more relaxed – more time for portraits 

Couples who choose a first look ultimately get more time for portraits. You’re not rushing through things to get to your reception or your guests. You can truly enjoy your wedding day because you’re not worried about being on time for the next thing. 

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Your guests aren’t waiting around for you – you can enjoy your own cocktail hour

Have you ever been to a wedding where the ceremony ends, you head to the reception, and then it feels like forever before the couple arrives? That’s because they had to go take all their portraits between the ceremony and reception. Even if you give your guests a cocktail hour, they’re still going to get ancy and hungry. Ultimately, they came to see YOU and celebrate with YOU. You should get to enjoy time with your guests! You can even attend your own cocktail hour! 

If you’re still not sure if a first look is for you, talk to your photographer. They can give you guidance on what a timeline with/without a first look is like with them. In the end, it’s your wedding day and you should do what you want! Enjoy your wedding day the way you want to! 

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